How to Make All Natural Beef Tendon Dog Treats

With all the current protection recalls of dog treats, why not make home made treats to your pet? For the ones which might be involved approximately elements in the treats they feed their puppies for health, this recipe is a winner! There are most effective two substances, pork tendon and olive oil. pork tendon is a famous addition to Asian food and may be without problems obtained at your local Asian foods marketplace.

components & resources


you will need; beef tendon, olive oil, a kitchen brush, a very good sharp knife, a slicing board, some tin foil and a drying rack/drippings pan combination for the oven. earlier than you start something, turn the oven directly to it is lowest viable setting (normally 200F)

STEP 1 – making ready The red meat Tendon

Tendons clearly arise in pairs. find the part of the tendon where you can easily pry them apart. Taking your knife, lightly fillet the tendons aside.

STEP 2 – Oiling The Tendons

Taking your kitchen brush, gently coat all of the tendons in olive oil. The oil will prevent the tendons from getting overly dry. vicinity the oiled tendons on the drying rack. make sure that the drippings pan is lined with tin foil, this may make easy-up simpler.

STEP 3 – Baking Time

area the pan in the middle rack of the oven and allow the tendons dry for about 2 hours. The tendons will decrease through approximately 50% with the drying process.

STEP four – The very last Touches

allow the tendons to cool down for a few minutes and then trim off any excess fat. reduce the tendons into suitable bite sized portions in your dog and you’re carried out! save those CBD Dog Treats in the fridge to save you spoilage. Shelf existence is set weeks.

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